Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter weekend

Puzzle fun

 BYU Bean museum
 yay, the gardens are finally open again
 This is Spencer running from my picture, bummer
 hunting for baskets!  

 We were watching Phantom of the Opera and Spencer had to go get his own mask to relate to the phantom!  haha
 haha Spencer, my camera is faster than your hands to block it!!  

Sunday, April 5, 2015

March 2015

Jazz game--courtside tickets!!  3rd row is pretty sweet!

 Love the wagon rides at Thanksgiving Point Farm (sorry stranger that my kids are snuggling up to you so closely!)
 oh, nap time is sorely missed sometimes!  Spencer stopped napping when he turned 5 (I was so lucky, I know), Isabella will still nap but won't fall asleep as night if she does!

February 2015

Isabella makes such a good grumpy face, don't you think?
 Road trip to California

 Universal Studios
 Isabella was so excited to see Curious George, but then got so nervous at the last second, especially with Curious George putting his arm around me

 So exciting!!!

 Bella finally realized Curious George wasn't a threat!

 It took some coaxing but Spencer finally got the courage to take a picture with Megatron

Grumpy, grumpy girl

 road trippin' home

 new swim suit, I couldn't resist!  I realize that it is only February
 cute little gamers

January 2015

New Year's Tree
 best New Year's tradition (thanks Leticia and Martin)

 Netflix junkies

 can you sense a theme of superheroes in our lives?

 We had a child's lock on Bella's door (as you can see) so she was stuck in their for naps and she went through a phase where she would fall asleep on the floor by the door.  Notice my cell phone laying in front of her...I was trying to take a picture of her, but dropped my phone on her, which didn't wake her up.  oops.  So I had to go get Jean's phone to take a picture.

 She is presenting Frozen to me and wants me to sing along to "Let it Go" with her in this picture.

I think she is such a cutie! love how she scrunches her nose