Monday, September 29, 2008


When I woke up the other morning and looked out the window to check out the weather, this is what I got! To me, these are the perfect clouds and I just had to share them with you. It was a beautiful day!!

Fall canyon--sorry the pics don't quite capture the colors...

So this last weekend was perfect weather and I wanted Jean to see the fall colors, so we took off into the canyon for some good food and relaxation in the hammock!
Of course, grilling is not complete without Jean's picanha (top sirloin)!
We chilled (literally) in the hammock until we got just a little too cold and then took off to drive the Alpine Loop.
I love Utah in the fall and even more, enjoying it with my favorite person!

Monday, September 22, 2008

28 weeks!

Okay, comes another photo of the belly. I am now six months and one week along in the pregnancy! Crazy how time flies when you are having fun! Jean felt the little guy kicking awhile ago, but is really feeling it often and more definite now, which is exciting! Baby boy was kicking pretty hard the other day so I moved Jean's hand to where I was feeling the kicks and was surprised that Jean didn't feel them too. Come to find out, Jean's hand was on top of my ribs and I was feeling the kicks on the inside of my ribs. Baby, not nice to kick your Mama in the ribs!!! And ps, if you didn't catch on, we still have not decided on a name for him yet...

Sunday, September 7, 2008

September so far...

Las Vegas
For Labor Day we went back to Las Vegas to hang out with some family again. My parents came up from Texas and we had another fun filled weekend! Happy Birthday, Dad (he says he has never been so close to 60 before)! Spencer took us around the Strip over the weekend and this picture is in the Venetian.
We also went into Caesar's Palace and enjoyed the Cheesecake Factory, great spur of the moment decision, if you ask me!
Mom and Dad decided to test out the comfort of the casino chairs. Dad quickly escaped the photo opportunity, but I was able to catch Mom. And don't worry, Mom wasn't gambling!

Babysitting back in Utah...
I am constantly entertained with the things that Jean comes up with to entertain kids (not sure what that says about me...)!! Our neices got a great kick out of this idea, and especially when Jean discovered that rubberbands don't come off as easy as they come on. It was difficult trying to figure out which one was on top.
The girls and I even got in on some of the action, but yes we learned from Jean and limited the number of rubberbands we would allow to go on our face.

Utah State Fair
Jean and I made it to the fair over the weekend. It was pretty good times and great people watching! We didn't get many pics, but the tiger show was pretty cool. Not sure what possesses a man to get in a cage with 6-8 tigers, but it was interesting to watch. We could get pretty close (I didn't zoom in the picture) and it is amazing how big and strong they are!
The fair also included more than we needed of expensive fatty foods (though I would have the gyro again...), not the kind of homemade lemonade we were expecting (it was expensive ice), one HUGE pig, a few very pregnant cows (I felt their pain), a very crowded rodeo and lots of people trying to get us to buy stuff! I am so bad at avoiding them, good thing Jean has some sense!

P.S. I will be SIX months pregnant this next Saturday! Time is going by too fast AND too slow, depending on the day! =)