Tuesday, December 6, 2011

nerf gun fun!!

He won't wear pants, but misses having pockets. Below is how Spencer improvises.

I think I need to find a holster for Christmas....
Who knew cars underwear could be so useful and hold so much?!?
Sure, he won't wear pants or a shirt, but the kid will wear mittens....
Boys will be boys!

Constant entertainment around here!!!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving, Vegas style!

We drove down to Vegas to celebrate Thanksgiving with my parents and brother, Spencer, last week. We had a great time, especially Spencer (my little guy) who had so many people to play with. He was in heaven!

So we didn't see Blue Man Group, but did go to Mystere by Cirque du Soleil. It was so entertaining and amazing to me what people can do with their bodies!!
Didn't know there was a toy story 3, but Spencer was loving this poster!!
Such a better experience with Santa this year than it was two years ago... ( We just happened upon this Santa at one of the outdoor malls in Vegas. When Santa asked Spencer what he wanted for Christmas, Spencer replied, "A Christmas tree!" Santa acted like he had never gotten that response before, imagine that!! =) Town Square (that outdoor mall south of the strip) has an awesome little playground in the middle for little kiddos. Spencer sure loved it. They even have little bathrooms that have a regular size toilet and a toddler toilet in the same stall. Once Spencer saw the toilet just his size, he stopped arguing that he didn't have to go potty!!
The first time I went through this maze with Spencer I could see other kids approaching but Spencer obviously couldn't see over the hedges, so everytime he turned a corner and a kid was there Spencer would get so startled. It was pretty funny for me to watch. But he quickly gained confidence and not sure where he learned this from (cough, cough) started trying to scare everyone else....maybe I should tone down the scaring wars he and I have at home!!
First time on a merry-go-round...he was happy for about six turns, then totally done with it!

A little house just right for his size!
Can you guess which casino we are in?? If you know me at all, you know it is the Bellagio!!! =) This picture captures his fascination with flashlights...much to his dismay, we had to eventually confiscate it as he was blinding everyone outside by the fountains...,.
So happy to be with Grandma and Grandpa.
He wanted to hang out with Woody all night, but don't worry, I didn't let him.

My brother, Spencer, pretended to start to climb the wall to jump into the Bellagio fountains, but little Spencer grabbed onto my brother's leg and wouldn't let him. Little Spencer then gave big Spencer a little lecture with finger pointing and all about not jumping in the water. It was hilarious to watch, especially since little Spencer was so convinced that he was really saving my brother. This video is from my brother trying it a second time and little Spencer saving the day again but with no lecture this time unfortunately.

And lastly, Spencer kept walking in funny ways whenever we were out and about, so this is one video to show that.

One other funny moment and learning experience I want to remember is regarding Spencer's obsession with money right now. My brother kept giving Spencer little coins to play with and he would keep them safely tucked in his fist (even throughout a whole night of sleeping) and pockets. He kept talking about his money and needing more. While on the strip we passed a lady that was begging for money. Spencer immediately said hi to her and waved, but then saw her cup of money and yelled excitedly, "You have money too!!!" Jean and I just pulled him along, chuckling to ourselves. Gratefully she was not offended and mentioned how cute he was. Funny moment, but also a great reminder to us how innocent Spencer is. Everyone, regardless of cleanliness and state in life, is worthy of being his friend. He is consistently calling everyone, stranger or not, his friends. I need to be better about not being so judgemental...

I had a great Thanksgiving and am grateful for my family!! Hope yours was wonderful too!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Today's musings

Thrilled that I get to spend this entire weekend in the waking presence of Jean. Yup, not working. It is going to be wonderful to be awake when Jean is awake and asleep when he is asleep and actually get to spend time together and have conversations. I can hardly wait!!!

Spencer is such a sweet boy. Last night I shut my finger in the car door. Embarrassingly enough, I burst into tears as it hurt so much and suddenly. Spencer (and Jean, too) was quite concerned about my welfare and had such a worried look on his face. At one point during my tears, I cracked a joke which caused Jean and I to both laugh. You would have thought it was Christmas morning. Spencer started jumping up and down, with a huge smile while exclaiming, "You are all better!!! I am so happy!!" He then ran over to hug me as he was so relieved. Well, not quite all better, but it sure helped that he was so excited that he thought I was better.

It is amazing how many things I use my right forefinger for. Some tasks have proven either impossible or at least quite slow with my swollen, bruised finger that I cannot straighten. Typing is not that fun....

And one more thought, I love my Christmas present. I have been disappointed in my pillow lately and the quality of sleep I have felt I have missed out on due to it. We stayed at a hotel in California that had these AWESOME down pillows that I have been dreaming about and added to my Christmas wish list....well, that is my list, can't think of anything else actually. Anyway, costco to the rescue. The other day I saw they were selling down pillows for less than I was preparing to pay for them, so Christmas came early for me and I am in sleeping heaven. I love my new pillow. And when I saw love, I mean love.

'til later.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Nap time and Grandmas....

Those two don't usually correlate, but let me explain....

Thank you Grandma Davidson for getting Spencer a dry erase board that we can keep in his room to entertain while he is supposed to be napping....=)

Looks like he takes after Grandma Rocha for being artistic!

Monday, October 31, 2011

I like to move it, move it...

Or in Spencer's case, he likes to movin', movin'...Gotta love Madagascar!


Spencer loved being iron man, but not so much always wearing the mask. Oh well, still cute!!
Spencer got to go trick or treating at Jean's work.
Spencer is not quite sure about some costumes, there were many that have made him nervous to say the least and even a few that have caused him to run away screaming! =)

Happy Halloween!!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


We picked the coldest night to go to Cornbelly's, so needless to say we didn't stay very long as we were under prepared. Missed out on the corn maze, but got some cute pictures.

Unfortunately, right when we got there, Spencer saw a scarecrow on stilts that pretty much freaked him out, so it took some warming up to enjoying the evening. In this picture he could still see the scarecrow not too far off and was not happy about being placed on this saddle when he wanted to be protected in Daddy's arms!
Said scarecrow.

Next year we will have to plan better, but at least had some fun!! haha

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pumpkin party!

I thought Spencer would have a great time carving pumpkins, but as soon as he saw the pumpkin guts he was outta there!
We had to then spend the next little bit trying to convince him that the pumpkins were not scary and that he should rejoin our pumpkin party. As soon as he saw the smile on the pumpkin though he was sold and came back to party!
However, he still gets a little nervous on the porch with the pumpkins. Silly!!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Water guns!!!

While in AZ this last summer, Jean was squirting Spencer with the water gun in the hot summer sun. Jean was assuming this pose to hide the gun from Spencer so he would not be able to figure out where it was coming from. Eventually Spencer caught on though. Well a couple of months later, one day at home Spencer started doing the same trick on me. Tricky boys!!!
Leticia, thought you would appreciate this photo!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

From jelly bean to baby!

So two weeks ago I had my first doctor's appointment for this pregnancy and they did the ultrasound to determine how big the baby is and what the due date is. They had a little difficulty getting a good measurement so my doctor had me come back today to do another one. Two weeks ago, the picture showed a jelly bean blob, pictured below that was not much to look at. It was fun to see/hear the heartbeat though in the ultrasound.
Today, we have a baby!!!! =) Said baby was kicking, arching their little back, moving arms around and even kind of looked like he/she was smiling.

LOVE it!!! This next year tax day is even more significant to us, as the baby is due April 15!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

State Fair and MTC

Today my Mom and I (and Spencer) took Cherilyn to the MTC to begin her mission to Pittsburgh, PA. We are sad to see her go and will miss her, but are also very proud of her.
They don't let you dawdle at the MTC so we had to take pictures before.
And last night we all went to the State Fair (Jean, too) and had a great time!!!
Those are real sea lions and wow, did they smell like fish (nothing gets past my pregnant sense of smell. And yes, that is an announcement! =) I am due in April. YAY!) But they were so well trained and sweet.
Spencer loved this giant slide and would have gone down all night. (he and I are the ones just past the middle of the slide)
This picture was right after this sheep sneezed on Cherilyn and Spencer...they got sheep snot on their faces. EWW, but also pretty funny!
Spencer loved poking the bunnies (well, all the animals for that matter).
And best of all, he got to ride Rusty the pony and had a great time!!
Doesn't he just look like a pro?
He loved it and was sad to get off!
I wish we had gotten video or a picture of it, but right after Spencer got on the horse, he started patting the back of it to get it to go faster! It was so funny!! (and we thought of you guys, Leticia and Martin!) Anyway, so long for now!