Saturday, July 17, 2010

little buddies

Spencer and Dallin had so much fun playing at Seven Peaks last night.
Spencer usually holds his own with Dallin, but here he decided it was better to abandon ship!
Thanks XanGo for a great work party!! We had a blast with Ben and Amy's family! Possible group photo op to come...

Pay raise, here I come!!

YEA!! My licensing exam was my last hurdle to get my LCSW (highest social work license)...and I PASSED!!! I have been so nervous about it and finally took it today. I didn't tell anyone except for Jean that I was taking it b/c I didn't want anyone to know if I failed, but gratefully I didn't! I have finished all my clinical hours so now I just have to submit my paperwork and of course, pay fees and this long process will be OVER! I feel so relieved!!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

power of a good read...

Warning: Bathroom conversation ahead...Okay, so Spencer is very aware of when he goes #2 in his diaper and is prompt to let us know that he needs a diaper change. Well, I thought this might be a good opportunity to capitalize on his awareness/discomfort, so I bought a little potty this last weekend. I rushed home from Walmart and was quick to introduce him to his new best friend. Little did I know how much he would actually love it. I think those first two hours (one of which he slept) I sat him on the potty a good seven times. Yes, lots of work to take off/put on a diaper, but if it gets him trained, I can do it. He loves to ask to "potty" and I encourage but we haven't had anything to celebrate...until today. (I am pleased our first real celebration was only about four days later.)

So cute, we are all hanging out on our bed tonight smothering Spencer with tickles and loves when he asks for "potty" and wants to take his book. (I really don't know where he got that idea...) So we oblige and book comes along. He sits there for a bit longer than usual entertained by his book and when we get him off finally, discover he has actually gone #2!!! So of course the celebrations overwhelm and we point and clap and high five and teach how to flush. Hopefully this is a milestone that will stick (though I am being cautiously hopeful)...I am prepared for a long haul training, but nonetheless, excitement today!!!

happy late fourth!

So before you think I am a creative/crafty mom, this hat was all daycare. Good things somebody will fill those creative shoes...

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Who knew...

that our dryer would be such a favorite?
Again I ask, why do we buy toys?

Sunday, July 4, 2010


Meet Spencer chillin' in his carseat enjoying a good binkie
He is also enjoying shushing (sp?) us

And don't mind the camera moving all over, Spencer was trying to knock it with his foot while I was recording...rude!