Monday, December 29, 2008


We have been so blessed to have our families around lately! My parents and sister were here for Thanksgiving and then my Mom stuck around waiting for Spencer to show his face and then my Dad and sister came back for Christmas. We all spent lots of time hanging out with Ben and Amy's family as well and the holidays were so much fun...back to the regular grind...ha, yea right, we have a new baby to keep things interesting, like, forever!

Jean's parents came up from Brazil and his sister is also staying with us. We are looking forward to spending this month with them!!

Spencer has won over their hearts and they have won his!!

Baby Blessing

This last Sunday we blessed Spencer in our home. Both of our families were in town so we wanted to take advantage of that.
It was a beautiful blessing and it was great to have loved ones with us. Thanks immensely to all those who helped us make it wonderful!
This is a four generation shot!

Merry Christmas!

It was fun to have my parents and sister with us for the holiday!
For you doubters out there, here is your proof that Santa does exist! And for those who just didn't know, my husband is also a transformer! This mask came with the Transformers movie I bought him.

Our first Christmas with Spencer was great! Things got rolling really slowly with a brand new baby, but Jean and my Mom made a great lunch and we got around to opening presents in the afternoon. Jean gave Spencer his first toy truck--and Spencer slept right through it all!

The rest of our hospital stay and then home for Christmas!

Well, as my brother so eloquently said from our previous post, I look like I had been through a war...pretty accurate. I brought make-up and even my flat iron to prep for pics at the hospital, but let's face it, you just don't look your best and that epidural must have spread to my brain because I didn't really care that much.

Spencer has Jean wrapped around his little finger already!! I love to see how excited Jean gets over Spencer and I was right, he is a fabulous Dad!
I had such wonderful support during the whole process. Jean was so good with me and knew exactly what to say to ease my nerves and get me through the scares. My Mom was also there and was a great support too. Between the two of them and my epidural, it is no wonder I was able to crack some jokes! =)
This is Spencer all geared up to go home! We left the hospital Christmas Eve right before the big snow storm, it was great timing! I was glad to go back home, but also a little nervous to leave the skilled nurses behind...But as you can see, Jean is a pro so he will help me get this parenting thing figured out!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Baby Spencer!!!

Well, he is finally here! We had some ordeals getting him here and a few scares, but everything worked out in the end and he is beautiful and so sweet! He was born at 12:41 this morning, 9 lbs and 20 inches. His head is bigger than average, so delivery was fun for me...And we learned an important lesson--he does not like his hair/head messed with!

I need to rest, so I will spare you all the details of the past few days, but enjoy our little guy--we sure do!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

I got sent home from my induction...

Yep, that's right. Who gets sent home from an induction appointment? Now that is rejection. haha But other than having to do the dreaded walk into the hospital twice, it is actually good news. I went in to the hospital tonight at 6:00 to start the induction and after two hours and an IV they said that I was doing okay for now on my own--that is without drugs to get things going just yet--and I have to go back in the morning. So I get to sleep in my own bed one more time before my sleepless nights begin! Yea!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Happy 2nd Anniversary!

So on Tuesday, Jean and I had our 2nd anniversary. It has been a great two years and he is the best husband ever!!
Jean, the sneaky guy, got me a new camera. He schemed and everyone else was in on the secret, except me! I had no clue, even though Jean thought I did. And just a side note, my niece saw this picture of Jean and said, "He is handsome, huh?" I have to agree!! But it takes great pictures (that make me look tan) and videos--perfect for documenting our baby, that is, if he ever comes out...I am beginning to wonder...

Sunday, December 14, 2008


Yesterday was my due date...and yet, no baby has presented himself as of this moment--despite the efforts of Jean who is encouraging me to go for walks and up and down the stairs to get things moving along! =)

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Pregnancy update...

Okay, I am officially six days until the baby's due date, and here is a picture for those of you wondering how big I have gotten! Yikes!! As you can see, we have a slightly difficult time hugging because of it! haha

Hopefully my next post will include pictures of our new addition, Baby Boy Rocha!! (Yikes, again!) I am really excited to meet him!