Thursday, July 11, 2013

Summer fun

Kim and Delilah

Anna and Sam

 His chicken nugget looks like a duck in case you can't tell.  He thought it was hilarious!
 swim lessons

 Pleasant Grove Strawberry Days
 He rode the big horse and was so proud.  He yelled, "Look mom, I am so brave, aren't you so proud?!?"
Jean and I could really brush up on our bowling...or at least use the frame like Spencer did!
 Spencer's new obsession is laser tag.  Oh how he loves it!
 Old man hair.  He looked in the mirror at this stage and burst into tears, sad.
 He has now gotten used to his short hair but not quite that everyone rubs it now!  

 Isabella was not so excited about being that close to the bears!
 This smile may or may not have been bribed out of him...

Excuse the overload of pony ride pictures!  Spencer loves those pony rides!  We have been doing some fun things!  Love those pass of all passes and our TP membership--they make me a fun mom!  haha