Tuesday, March 23, 2010


So the poor little guy was having a rough day yesterday. Got his first nosebleed. (Well, really his second. First one was when he discovered his fingers fit in his nose while at Walmart months ago, which many people stared at me and I am sure were thinking I was a stellar mom...) This bleed was due to falling outside. Sad.

Okay, Spencer spinning is one of my favorite things. I think it is HILARIOUS, as you can probably tell from my stifled laughs.

Why does he look behind him? Maybe you all won't find it as funny as us...but it brings me joy!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

working on new skills...

Spencer saw Jean jumping this morning and we caught him try it out this afternoon. He is trying so hard to get it!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Growing up...

and with that comes independence! Spencer can be stubborn at getting his way. When I try to get him from his high chair, he now has to stand up first on his own and then I can lift him out. Or for a more recent turn of events, he wants out of his highchair to sit on the bar stool like us. When he is on our bed, he loves to slide off the side instead of us lifting him.
A few weeks ago, he started saying "more" whenever he wants anything. I guess he picked it up from us feeding him and asking if he wanted more. So now, "more" means "I am telling you what I want, so get it for me!" I thought it wouldn't last long but he is still doing it. (I would upload a video if I had the patience to wait for it to load...) It got easier when he started pointing, but now he gets frustrated when I acknowledge what he wants but don't give it to him.
One other story. He is still saying uh-oh whenever something falls or goes wrong. So yesterday, joy of joys, I got pulled over while doing a good deed, rude. Spencer definitely sensed I was upset and RIGHT as the cop was handing me a ticket, Spener said, "uh-oh". I don't think the cop heard, or maybe he would have let me off for some good comic relief...probably not, just wishful thinking! At the moment, not so funny, but I am laughing now! He really does make our life more fun and interesting!