Friday, November 28, 2008

You be the judge...

Unfortunately, we don't have a picture to document this occasion. But please decide for yourself if you think I am crazy...I can take your judgements. haha So, yesterday we were searching through Black Friday ads, and when I say we, I mean Jean, because they were causing me mild to moderate stress. Well, long story short we found a computer that we want/need and one that Jean's mom wants/needs both at Office Depot and we decided to go check out the line to see if it was worth getting up in the morning to go. There was one car in the parking lot with people chilling and no line outside the store. Since we knew we could be among the first in line if we set up tent, we decided to do it. Originally, I was just going to help Jean get set up and maybe stay for a little bit then go home and sleep, BUT I decided to stay the whole night and join in on the fun adventure!! Yes, you read right, me at 8.5 months prego, slept outside of Office Depot from 10 PM to 6 AM. I didn't even have to take a quick trip home during the night to use any facilities, if you catch my drift, which I am quite proud of. The adventure was well worth it, as we were first in line and were able to get both computers. If we hadn't have stayed, they would have been sold out by the time we got there...Hope your Black Friday was as memorable as ours!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Apparantly, once you start

you can't stop! Here is another tag...I blame this post on a combination of boredom and a lack of motivation today at work. Hope you enjoy getting to know me a little bit more!!

Instructions: you have to write a note with 16 random things, shortcomings, facts, habits or goals about you.

1. Whenever I wash my hands, I get the urge to spit in the sink (Just FYI, I don't usually follow through with that urge).

2. I have a scar on the back of my thigh from a ferry in NYC when I was like 9 nine years old...I was not obeying rules...I have a scar on the front of my thigh from barb wire on an apartment building roof (meant to keep people off) from when I was 19...again not following you see a pattern here?

3. I want to be one of those crazy old ladies that has some quirk about her...not sure what I want the quirk to be yet....crazy hats? I ruled out being the cat lady long ago...

4. I don't like walking through my house at night with darkness behind me. Does that make sense? Like turning off the light in the room and then leaving.

5. I have ridden an elephant at the Singapore Zoo.

6. I have chronic hiccoughs.

7. My goal is to make it to all seven continents before I die...only two to go (Africa and Antartica)!!!

8. I have moved 23 times in my life. Yes, I am only 26 years old...

9. In the ten years since I began working (not counting any babysitting) I have held 11 different jobs.

10. Based on #9 and #10, for those of you who didn't already know, I am pretty sure that I am addicted to change.

11. The only time I have consumed alcohol was when my Mom gave it to me. Now before she freaks out because I am making her sound like a bad mom, here is the explanation. We moved to Italy and she bought chocolate covered cherries to share with the family. She passed them out to all of us, which we promptly ate, then she ate hers and realized what she had done. We learned to check for alcohol in chocolates while in Europe--a valuable lesson.

12. When swimming at night, I have the irrational fear that there are sharks in the pool with me.

13. Remarkably, the only bone I have broken is my little toe. (Knock on wood.) You would think with how accident prone I am, that number would be higher though. Guess I am just tough! =)

14. I am ridiculously particular about my a fault.

15. I fear gorillas, well monkeys as well. I had a bad experience as a child with a gorilla. A few years ago, I had a monkey grab onto my finger and I almost had a panic attack...Lemurs, on the other hand, I am strangely okay with. Not sure if they are considered a monkey...

16. I get so excited at Christmas time because they sell Peppermint ice cream and mint M&M's. Both should be sold year round--probably a good thing for my waistline that they arn't though.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

I am joining the tagging world...

What is your husband's name? Jean
How long have you been married? almost two years
How long did you date? about 6 months from first date to marriage
How old is he? 27
Who eats sweets? I like sweets, he likes salty
Who said I love you first? I did
Who is taller? he is
Who can sing best? um, not sure if you would want to listen to either of us singing...
Who is smarter? why are there questions like this? I guess I will admit that he is smarter than I am...
Who drives? he usually does, unless he is too full after eating out! =)
Who does the laundry? we both do, but I usually beat him to it
Who pays the bills? both
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? standing in front of the bed facing it, I do
Who mows the lawn? we have a system, he mows and weed-wacks (sp?) and I sweep the sidewalks and driveway, works for me! =)
Who cooks dinner? again, we both do, but he probably ends up doing it more than I...just depends who gets home first
Who is the first to admit they are wrong? um, that totally depends on the situation...maybe Jean though...
Who kissed who first? we were hiking and sat on a rock to rest and he kissed me first
Who asked who out first? now that is a popular debate...according to his version of our first date, it was kind of mutually arranged, according to my version, he asked me
Who wears the pants? we decide things together
Anyone who wants to participate, can! I give you permission! haha

Friday, November 7, 2008

Coolest Mom and Grandma EVER!!!

My Mom and Gma are currently at the PBR (Professional Bull Riders) in Las Vegas and having a great time! (I am so jealous...)
They got their pictures taken with Guilherme Marchi, who is currently ranked #1 bull rider and even more important, from Brazil!! =) My Mom had a conversation with him about Brazil and her son-in-law being from there. To demonstrate her pride in my wonderful husband and Brazil, everytime a Brazilian is mentioned or rides she has been shouting for Brazil and telling strangers about Jean!!!
Glad that you two are having such a fun time!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

Disclaimer: We sincerely hope we do not offend anyone with our costumes! Just how often are you this much prego on Halloween in your lifetime? I had to incorporate it somehow into my costume!
Hope your Halloween was as fun as ours!!