Monday, October 31, 2011

I like to move it, move it...

Or in Spencer's case, he likes to movin', movin'...Gotta love Madagascar!


Spencer loved being iron man, but not so much always wearing the mask. Oh well, still cute!!
Spencer got to go trick or treating at Jean's work.
Spencer is not quite sure about some costumes, there were many that have made him nervous to say the least and even a few that have caused him to run away screaming! =)

Happy Halloween!!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


We picked the coldest night to go to Cornbelly's, so needless to say we didn't stay very long as we were under prepared. Missed out on the corn maze, but got some cute pictures.

Unfortunately, right when we got there, Spencer saw a scarecrow on stilts that pretty much freaked him out, so it took some warming up to enjoying the evening. In this picture he could still see the scarecrow not too far off and was not happy about being placed on this saddle when he wanted to be protected in Daddy's arms!
Said scarecrow.

Next year we will have to plan better, but at least had some fun!! haha

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pumpkin party!

I thought Spencer would have a great time carving pumpkins, but as soon as he saw the pumpkin guts he was outta there!
We had to then spend the next little bit trying to convince him that the pumpkins were not scary and that he should rejoin our pumpkin party. As soon as he saw the smile on the pumpkin though he was sold and came back to party!
However, he still gets a little nervous on the porch with the pumpkins. Silly!!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Water guns!!!

While in AZ this last summer, Jean was squirting Spencer with the water gun in the hot summer sun. Jean was assuming this pose to hide the gun from Spencer so he would not be able to figure out where it was coming from. Eventually Spencer caught on though. Well a couple of months later, one day at home Spencer started doing the same trick on me. Tricky boys!!!
Leticia, thought you would appreciate this photo!!