Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Okay, a couple of things. This post is long. We did a lot. And I still want to post some videos that crack me up... And because blogger messes me up, this post is in reverse order. I am making peace with that, but not entirely yet. Oh well.

This is the last day after Sea World. Spencer is tuckered out. Spencer never sleeps in our arms unless sick and I guess SUPER exhausted. Cute.
We sat in the soak zone at the Shamu show and were super close. I was nervous to get soaked, but we barely got any drops. phew!

Spencer loved watching the seals and sea lions beg for food up close and personal.
The dolphin show was a lot of fun and we were safely out of the soak zone.
Spencer loved the penguins!! The indoor exhibit was pretty fun as the little guys were hyper and swam super fast and were so quick to jump in and out of the water.
So I realize this is not the best pic, but I think it is funny and cool how close they were swimming.
We spent a day at a few beaches and the coast. Spencer loved the sand and relaxing. He has perfect skin and got a great tan, while I burned on the other hand...ouch.
You should see the other attempts at taking this picture. Let's just say I am happy with his eyes closed.
Case in point. Loved the beach!
Watching the waves, safe in Daddy's arms.

Cute how he chills in his chair!
Building sand bridges. Not sure where that came from, maybe because we had driven over the bridge to Coronado...
So while getting gas at a Costco, we asked some employee for some good Mexican food and his recommendations did not disappoint. El Indio was yummy, and the other Luche Libre has been featured on Man vs. Food and was also really, really good. Jean has always wanted to go to a restaurant that has been on TV. Check.
USS Midway was a big hit for the boys. Spencer (and Jean) had a great time climbing in and out of planes, jets, and helicopters.

Spencer also loved pushing all the buttons around the ship!

These posters freaked Spencer out. So funny!
The zoo was awesome and Spencer loved all the animals. We are on the Skyfari here.
Bus tour
They had polar bear noises broadcasting into this "cave" and Spencer was happy to get out! He thought the bears were around the corner.

these hippos stayed this way for a long time and Spencer would have nothing to do with them up close. Sad, would have been a great photo op.

Loving his Blue Angels jet.

Air and space museum

On the way we went through Phoenix and stayed with Leticia and Martin for a couple days. Spencer loved horseback rides from Martin (videos to come). And not sure why Martin is making this face, but it is really funny and hopefully he doesn't hate me for posting it!!
And he always loves Leticia.
Rock band
Loving his guitar!
As it was ridiculously hot, (duh, Arizona in August, what were we thinking??) Spencer had to play in water. He also would not put down his water gun that Uncle Spencer was so kind to give him!

We also stayed in Vegas and visited Spencer for a bit. But I only took videos, so they will come later. We had a great trip and it was fun to see some family as well!!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

apple store fun!

Spencer was freaked out by this picture and grabbed his cheeks! haha