Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Our house should be getting sheetrock put up as I type.  yay!  

I think I have been a crisis worker too long.  Today I picked up my IHC employee gift from HR with Spencer in tow.  The blanket had a rope tied around it and the lady from HR told Spencer, "there is a rope for you to...(pause while she thought)...pretend to be a cowboy with" and during her pause before she could finish, I thought "for you to choke yourself with".  Yikes, I am in "get everything out of the house that could cause self harm" mode apparantly!

Spencer cannot grasp the concept of running errands, no matter my efforts to explain it to him.  Today I told him we were going to run errands.  On our way home afterwards he asked where we were now going.  I told him home and he yelled, "but we didn't get the errands yet!!"

Also, he likes to sleep in a box.  Our temporary apartment is just that small.  Just kidding, he does have a mattress on the floor that he can upgrade to!

Isabella dearest!  Thank you for sleeping through the night since you were five weeks old!  And I am not talking 6-7 hours, more like 8-9 plus!  Love it.  I didn't think I would get this lucky with another child, boy am I glad to be wrong!  Enjoy some pics taken today of her.  I know this is a lot, but trust me that this is the narrowed down version of my faves!


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

we have been framed....

Finally.  These were taken this morning.  They should now be done with the framing and rough plumbing. What a perfect birthday present for Jean.  Happy birthday, love.  Tomorrow begins electrical.  Is it August yet??  I want to move in!!

Monday, June 4, 2012

videos for out-of-towners

It is fun to hear her "talking" and see her smile.  She is getting much more smiley everyday.  I need to get better videos of it.

Idaho Falls

We took a quick trip to Idaho Falls to see Abbie get baptized and hang out with family this past weekend.  
 Spencer and Grandpa
 Spencer was so excited to see Dallin.
 Can you tell that Spencer is addicted to mints?  He had 3 or 4 in his mouth at once.  Quick funny story.  Spencer loves the cafe rio mints and eats them without any problems.  Jean on the other hand, frequently thinks that they are too hot. 
 Now that we have Isabella, I did not have an all inclusive, good family photo of us.  So I attempted many times this weekend to get a good one, and this is one of our best efforts.
Mom and Dad
 Ben, Amy and Abbie
It was Cherilyn's birthday so we had to celebrate with cake.  Nevermind that Cherilyn is in Pennsylvania on her mission!  =)  We enjoyed it for her!

Four generations of eldest daughters

Grandma "Hi", Grandma Davidson, me, Isabella