Sunday, April 18, 2010


and he expects us to understand what he is saying!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Las Vegas

Jean and I took his family to Las Vegas and were grateful to stay in Hotel Davidson (thanks to Spencer (brother), Mom and Dad for your generosity)!! We had a great time exploring some parts of Vegas and little Spencer was exhausted from having so much fun!

We forgot a stroller, so lucky us got to carry Spencer the whole time. He kept trying to escape so he could run around, but didn't get to very much.

Nobody loves Spencer like his Grandpa's! They are so patient and let Spencer explore everything and will do anything Spencer wants. He sure warmed up to Sergio quickly!

Spencer really likes aquariums and even flirts with mermaids (too bad we didn't get that one documented with pictures)!

It was hard to say goodbye to Jean's family. It makes it hard when you don't know how soon we will get to see each other again. Jean and I are lucky to both have such great families that love Spencer so much!!!!

Hogle Zoo and Salt Lake City

We all went to Hogle Zoo and enjoyed perfect Spring weather (along with everybody else in Utah during Spring Break)!!! Spencer enjoyed some animals and was weary of others, especially the fake ones. My Mom took a whirlwind trip to Utah and was able to come with us. Ben and Amy and the crew came along too, but I didn't get any pics with them...

We also went to This is the Place Monument, Rodizio's and Jean's parents went to temple square with Leticia and Martin.

Easter Weekend

So Jean's family was able to come up to Utah to visit during Easter and Conference. They got to go to Conference and really enjoyed it.
Don't limit need to use one spoon when you can use two!!!

We did an Easter egg "hunt" for Spencer and he caught on really quickly and loved opening all the eggs to find jelly beans and other goodies.

Hey, where did the candy go?? I need more drool on my shirt...

The Rocha's are serious about BBQ! Rain or shine, or in this case, hail, nothing will stop a good BBQ!!