Tuesday, March 22, 2011


So I am sold! Spencer will forever more get hair cuts at Cookie Cutters. The combination of watching the movie Cars, licking a sucker and steering a plane make for a nonchalant boy that will let his hair get cut. Success is the lack of everyone being in tears!!!

late happy birthday post!

We have been fortunate enough to have my mom stay with us for a bit. We have enjoyed her so much and will be sad when it is time for her to go, though I am sure she is counting down her days to return to peace and serenity. =)
We took my Mom to Texas Roadhouse for a birthday lunch. She braved the birthday saddle and was kind enough to let Spencer join her. I was too close and couldn't get a good picture that included the saddle. And sorry the pics are a bit blurry!
We are so glad that we got to celebrate her birthday with her! Spencer sure loves Grandma and is always so excited to play with her! We love you, Grandma!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

You vote, tired or not?

And ps, Happy Birthday Mom!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

new job

Why am I posting at 3AM, you ask? Well because I am at my new job and it is slow. Same employer, IHC, but different location in the hospital. Instead of working in the heart and lung bldg Monday-Friday 8-5, I now work in the ER doing traumas (car accidents, falls, gun shot wounds, etc) and crisis (overdoses, suicide attempts, psych issues, etc). And my schedule is now pretty much every Friday, Saturday and Sunday 7pm-7am.
--My Mom and I took Spencer and my nephews to the park this morning for like two hours and we had a blast
--I can fit exercise into my schedule better (not that my butt is getting any smaller...)
--I am kind of like a stay-at-home mom now with the perks of still having my income
--12 hour shifts are amazing. Seriously. I was nervous about them, but it is quite nice to only come 3 days a week. Plus the ER is like a time warp and the time goes quickly even when I am not doing anything.
--I can cook decent meals for the hubby (which he is liking!)
--I don't get to spend Friday and Saturday nights with Jean/Spencer
--It is the middle of the night and my teeth are feeling fuzzy and I don't have access to my toothbrush. And PS, IHC buys worthless toothbrushes for patients, so that doesn't even help.
Anyway. So that is my life recently. I thoroughly enjoyed this first week home with Spencer and look forward to many more!