Thursday, June 6, 2013

pony rides

Spencer can go on as many pony rides as his heart desires at the Farm.  He loves them, but before getting on, must inventory the ponies and choose the smallest one.  Every.time.

The beginnings of our summer...

 Carley, Brynn and Spencer
 Last day of preschool carnival
 Not supposed to eat the mustache...

 Grandma and Spencer in front of Grandma's favorite-lilacs

 No comments on my crazy hair, it is getting fixed this week!  =)

She is finally letting us put this on her head.  In other news, Isabella has been walking like a pro but the only videos I have are from my phone and upside down...oops.  I will have to figure that out....

Saturday, June 1, 2013

We have ourselves another Master in the house!

This is one proud family!!  Love you Jean and we appreciate all your hard work!  Congratulations on earning your Master's of Accountancy from Westminster!!

Jack of all trades

Ok, seriously, Jean can do it all!  He is such a hard worker and is skilled at anything he attempts.  Don't you just love people who are like that?  Well, I do, especially since I am lucky enough to be married to one.  Jean designed our backyard and then did all the hard labor to make it look great!  Thanks love!