Tuesday, September 27, 2011

From jelly bean to baby!

So two weeks ago I had my first doctor's appointment for this pregnancy and they did the ultrasound to determine how big the baby is and what the due date is. They had a little difficulty getting a good measurement so my doctor had me come back today to do another one. Two weeks ago, the picture showed a jelly bean blob, pictured below that was not much to look at. It was fun to see/hear the heartbeat though in the ultrasound.
Today, we have a baby!!!! =) Said baby was kicking, arching their little back, moving arms around and even kind of looked like he/she was smiling.

LOVE it!!! This next year tax day is even more significant to us, as the baby is due April 15!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

State Fair and MTC

Today my Mom and I (and Spencer) took Cherilyn to the MTC to begin her mission to Pittsburgh, PA. We are sad to see her go and will miss her, but are also very proud of her.
They don't let you dawdle at the MTC so we had to take pictures before.
And last night we all went to the State Fair (Jean, too) and had a great time!!!
Those are real sea lions and wow, did they smell like fish (nothing gets past my pregnant sense of smell. And yes, that is an announcement! =) I am due in April. YAY!) But they were so well trained and sweet.
Spencer loved this giant slide and would have gone down all night. (he and I are the ones just past the middle of the slide)
This picture was right after this sheep sneezed on Cherilyn and Spencer...they got sheep snot on their faces. EWW, but also pretty funny!
Spencer loved poking the bunnies (well, all the animals for that matter).
And best of all, he got to ride Rusty the pony and had a great time!!
Doesn't he just look like a pro?
He loved it and was sad to get off!
I wish we had gotten video or a picture of it, but right after Spencer got on the horse, he started patting the back of it to get it to go faster! It was so funny!! (and we thought of you guys, Leticia and Martin!) Anyway, so long for now!

Friday, September 9, 2011

odds and ends

We have had some fun the past few weeks. Spencer and I went with my good friend from HS and her sons to the Thanksgiving Point dinosaur museum. The boys loved it, but we forgot our cameras which left me to taking pictures with my phone. My phone is not good at capturing two active two year olds, so sadly, these are the best I got.

We also went up the canyon with some other friends and had a great time eating and sailing paper boats down the river.

We have also had some stress. Two words, potty training. Spencer is doing pretty good actually but it was touch and go for me for a couple of days. I didn't think I would keep my sanity. We also got a trip to the ER for Spencer (pics to come). Lucky for us, a perk of working in the ER is getting some free ER care. LOVE IT!! And no worries, Spencer's forehead was glued shut and he is doing great now! (if you enlarge this last picture, you can see the cut above his right eyebrow)