Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Mesa Temple Christmas Lights

We were asked to be garden hosts at the Mesa Temple Christmas Lights the other night. Basically that means we wore little nametags, carried a walkie-talkie (we were very official!) and walked around the grounds for 3 hours in case we were needed for anything (lost children, burnt out light strands, etc).

It was a lot of fun and we took tons of pictures (which I am sorry to say, I didn't change settings on my camera so the lights didn't really show well, oh well, live and learn). The only "adventure" we had was that I somehow got a bad case of the hiccoughs (or hiccups, whichever you prefer) and it was kind of embarrassing...mine can get pretty loud.

Have a wonderful holiday season and Merry Christmas!!


SPENCER D said...

Hey, its Spencer, I finally got one of these blogs myself....just wanted to say hi, good to see things are going well for you

davidson family said...

You two look great! It would be nice to view some Christmas lights without freezing yourself. But then again, the snow that comes with the cold does enhance the Christmas light viewing experience. We put 1,000 lights on our Christmas tree this year-and when I say we, I mean Amy. It looks fantastic. Ben