Monday, January 7, 2008


Well, after about 30 hours of traveling and six airports later, Jean and I made it to Brasilia. In Sao Paulo I was so proud of myself because a lady came up to me and asked me a question in Portuguese and I took that as a compliment that I looked Brazilian. I started to feel a little silly that I could not answer the second person to ask me a question and by the third time I was vowing to learn Portuguese more quickly! =) But at least I haven´t stood out as a tourist yet, well, that is until I open my mouth to speak, then I get looks.
This picture is a shot of the downtown Brasilia from the middle of Brasil. There is a park and monument at the geographic center of the country along Lago Sul (South Lake).
This is in front of a lakeside restuarant where we attempted to get acai. The line was too long so we will have to go back. Acai is a fruit and we wanted to get the dessert that this restaurant has that is kind of like a sorbet. Jean says it is delicioso!

Here is another shot from that monument with a cool bridge in the background.

We are standing in an area where the President of Brasil makes speeches and they have special ceremonies. The structure has great acoustics and sound travels pretty far. We tested it out by clapping, whistling and shouting. I should´ve gotten a picture of the whole building, it is pretty cool looking.

We are standing in front of our house here in Brasilia. His parents are living here and have done a great job helping us complete it. Jean started building it before he moved to the U.S. And below is a picture of the room we are staying in.

I love being here and have really enjoyed getting to know Jean´s family and friends. Everyone has been so kind to me and we have had a great time laughing, talking and translating and eating good food! =) Brasilia is a beautiful place and it is fun to get the grand tour from Jean and his family. I feel like I am learning a lot of Portuguese, but know I have a long way to go. Anyway, I will finish this post but try to put more up often. We send our love from the southern hemisphere and summer weather! =) (The temperature has ranged from 25 degrees Celcius to 32 degrees and is humid!)


Austyn said...

MICHELLE!!!!!!!!!!! i just BARELY checked my hotmail, which i do about every 6 months, and i am so glad i found your blog!!!!! you look so beautiful and so happy. what an adventurous life you have. 2 things: happy anniversary and happy birthday!!!!!! WOW--so i wish we had talked before you left. i will have to get the scoop from your mom about how long you are there, etc etc etc. MUAH!

Davidson Family said...

I'm so jealous! Faz 8 anos já que eu voltei do Brasil e quando eu vi suas fótos eu senti muitas saudades. Parece que Brasília é uma cidade bem legal com muitas coisas para ver e fazer. Eu sou muito feliz para Michelle desde que você pode conhecer o Brasil, e também feliz para Jean porque chegou em casa. Agora é ôbvio que eu preciso falar e escrever Português mais, mas eu estava tão animado que eu tive que tentar escrever em Português. Espero que tudo vai bem por vocês durante este mês. Até mais. -Benjamim

L&T said...

Michelle! I am so excited for you! Brasil looks so beautiful. And what a lovely home you have. It seriously is so GORGEOUS. I am so happy for you. Please keep posting pictures. You look so happy. What a beautiful place.

Davidson Family said...

It's beautiful!
Emma says "ooooohhh...i want to go see the palm trees mommy - can we go - can we go - PLEASE?!" We love you!

The Glutz's said...

How amazing! I hope you guys have a fantastic time while you're out there! You look fabulous by the way :)

All in the Life of Cherilyn said...

I wish I could be with you! Your pictures are cute! I am really glad you are enjoying your time there! Miss you! Love, Cherilyn

P.S. I love how Ben wrote in portuguese!

L&T said...

PS. I think you should use one of the pictures with you, Jean and the Braizilian flag for your Christmas card next year. ;)

auntie christine said...

Hey you two...what a lovely couple you are! I have been keeping up on your whirlwind tour per le blog. I have a blog myself. Although I have never written anything of great importance yet. It is called blacksheepblog (as I am the black sheep of my family) Things are remaining the same here at the DWS. We have a great new Manager now as Karen, Shirley and the regional manager have all retired. And hopefully when you finish playing down there is So. Am. you will give me a call here in Springville. I look forward to hearing your decision about where you are going to end up next!