Thursday, April 3, 2008

Yea employment!

Back to the grind! =) Well, after a bit of searching, I finally got the perfect job! I am working as a Hospice/Homecare Social Worker for Intermountain Healthcare. I have almost finished my first week and I am so pleased with this job! I really think it is a good fit for me and I get great benefits, so who can complain?? So, with Jean's two jobs and my new job we see each other at 9 pm, which kind of stinks....well, really stinks, but at least we will replenish our savings more quickly (traveling for a month can get more expensive than planned--but we would not have had it any other way, in fact, I can't wait to go back to Brasil!)!!!
So, you might be trying to figure out the significance of these pictures. I will tell you, I have the best commute to work ever. Really, if you have to commute, the only way it should be done is driving through a Utah Canyon! My commute is 30 minutes and is right through Provo Canyon--one of my favorite canyons to escape into! Okay, so those of you in Utah right now know that these pictures are not accurate to the current season...there is a ton of snow all over and little reds/oranges right now, but still, quite breathtaking! (It is sometimes hard to keep my eyes on the road...) The top picture is of Deer Creek Resevoir (the road goes along the south side). The middle picture is Bridal Veil Falls (which is pretty much frozen icesicles right now) and the last is the view from the valley my office is in. I LOVE IT!!!


Austyn said...

yay michelle!!!! i am so proud of you! you have always been so smart and successful. i'm so glad you guys have a blog. i love seeing all of your cutie pictures. XOXOX

L&T said...

What a beautiful drive! That is so pretty. It will be so awesome in a few weeks and then in the FALL! Beautiful drives make any day GREAT! Love you and miss you!