Monday, June 30, 2008

There is nothing like a good RODEO!!!!!!

We went to the Lehi Rodeo on Saturday night and had a really good time! It sure beat working in the concession stands on Thursday night...I think I can still smell rodeo burgers and hot dogs. Though I was disappointed they didn't have mutton bustin, there were still good times to be had. Some highlights include:
--now I may be putting my foot in my mouth big time here if anyone reading this knows the man who sang the National Anthem, but wow, I have never quite heard it sung like this before and I have to say, I don't think I have ever heard a man sing the Anthem at a public event and not to discriminate, but maybe it should stay that way. The mic kept cutting out leading up to that huge high note near the end and I have to wonder if they were trying to turn off his mic for that note but got the cue wrong...Bless his heart for trying! (The poor man walked off with his head down!) And what was the deal with him being on his cell phone as he walked out into the arena?? Cell phone ediquette people!
--rodeo clown humor....dry as ever and sometime PG-13 but it is a tradition at a rodeo. I have to admit though, he did have a pretty good magic trick that stumped Jean and I (it isn't too hard to stump me, but Jean will usually pick up on tricks!)
--dirt bikers doing life-threatening high jumps in the air (I know, trust me it was a rodeo, not a monster truck show...why not combine the best of both worlds?!?) Amazing those bikers are still alive! They made my heart race just watching them!
--only like 3 of the some 15 bullriders made the 8 seconds, so you can imagine some pretty good falls
--a bronco rider sustained a pretty good kick to the chest, amazing he walked away, hopefully without mass internal bleeding!
--cowboy falling off a bull and when he stood up, we were thinking his leg was pretty broken and bent, turns out he is just bowlegged
--a rider with, and I am not even kidding, the best in person bar mustache I have ever seen. I mean this thing came down to his chin and then went straight out from his face with a curl at each end. I wasn't even close to the dude and I could make it out...I wonder how long it takes him to set it up in the morning and also what it must look like right after he gets out of the shower....Obviously, I was very intrigued by this.
--Jean has a pretty funny story about a kid at the rodeo that you should ask him about sometime...
Anyway, we had a good time and now I am wanting to go to a good demo derby...know of any?


Austyn said...

michelle, i am at work...not working, and started laughing out loud about the bow legged guy. do you think he was always bowlegged or that riding made him that way? i might have an advangtage here....maybe i should give it a whirl. my first rodeo was with YOU! remember? we need to talk! i'll call ya soon.

kathy said...

Yeah, it's this new feature on blogger. You just go to add a page element on the layout screen and then choose add blog list. Then you add the blog addresses you want and then it just automatically updates them for you. It's awesome.

Robin said...

Ode to the Lehi Roundup--and the Lehi Pride--something everyone needs to experience at least once in their lifetime. Dem Derby? Mt. pleasant. We need to get together soon.