Friday, November 7, 2008

Coolest Mom and Grandma EVER!!!

My Mom and Gma are currently at the PBR (Professional Bull Riders) in Las Vegas and having a great time! (I am so jealous...)
They got their pictures taken with Guilherme Marchi, who is currently ranked #1 bull rider and even more important, from Brazil!! =) My Mom had a conversation with him about Brazil and her son-in-law being from there. To demonstrate her pride in my wonderful husband and Brazil, everytime a Brazilian is mentioned or rides she has been shouting for Brazil and telling strangers about Jean!!!
Glad that you two are having such a fun time!


Amy said...

I love it!! Glad to hear they are having such a good time. GO BRAZIL!

All in the Life of Cherilyn said...

I'm so glad they're having so much fun!!!

auntie christine said...

I am soooooooooooo jealous of your mom!!!!I am a number one fan of PBR. And I think Guerilime Marchi is so HOT!!!!Your Lucky mom! Ao cool....I am also a fan of Justin McBride. I was just watching the vegas finals last night! Brazilian caboys are really tuff. Good for your granny's they are tuff too!

Anonymous said...

Michelle, it is so nice of you to post our pictures since I don't have my own blog. Brazil really stood out in the PBR. They are such good riders. See you in 2 weeks

Linda said...

Hello Michelle!
I was reading a friends blog which sent me to another to check on a comment. There I saw some familiar names.... Ben, Spencer, Michelle and Cherilyn. How fun for me! I've been writing to Cherilyn (I owe her a letter) and she has updated me on your family a little bit. Congratulations on the future arrival. Skyler had his first Oct. 3rd. A cute little boy.
Tell the family hello from us
and..... you are just as cute as ever:)
Love, Linda