Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Six months already!!!

Spencer got a high chair for his six month celebration! (Well, it just happened to come in the mail today...) But he likes it, and feeding him is much easier. The chair turns feedings from a two person job down to a one person job (allowing us to capture his facial expressions on video!).

As I was hoping to show you with video (the video is ridiculously big and was taking too long to upload and I don't know how to make it smaller), he is not quite used to applesauce yet (he pulls some pretty funny faces), but he has warmed up to peaches and he loves green beans (just like his mommy--except for I don't care for mine puree'd.) We love our little guy and have loved these past six months with him!!!!


Cherilyn said...

Yay for a high chair!!! He looks at home in it. :) Can't wait to see ya next week!

Rebekah said...

I can't believe how big he is already! Congratulations on the high chair! I know that must be a load off!

Martin and Leticia said...

Can't believe he's already 6 months! Oh my! I miss him! The cutiest EVER!

Anonymous said...

He is so cute and I am having so much fun playing with him