Saturday, August 1, 2009

Catch up!

Here are a few things that we have been up to lately...Spencer became nerdified--the youngest boy to get glasses! Poor thing! We can't keep them on him and these are temporary until they can make him a pair of smaller baby ones.
JUST KIDDING! They are just Jean's glasses. Off to the canyon...Apparantly Spencer was peeved that some kids were playing in the river and we didn't let him.
We also went up another day with some of my family, but I unfortunately didn't get any pics of them!
Spencer rode the carousel and liked it for awhile, but then I think he started getting dizzy and wanted off, but he hadn't reached that point yet in this picture.

We enjoyed the Fiesta Days car show, especially my Dad showing us all the cars that looked like the cars he used to drive. Jean didn't realize my Dad was so old! =)
Spencer was a bit tired after all the excitement and heat!
Oh yeah, Spencer is getting pretty good at scooting around the house, but the catch is he only knows how to go backwards at this point. He backed up into our "home office" and got pretty frustrated that he isolated himself. I need to get video of him on all fours rocking back and forth--SO CUTE!!!

So, after this long post, it is nap time!!


The Wildes said...

How cute! He is getting so big!

angee said...

Too cute!!

And I LOVE the rocking stage. My all-time favorite baby thing!

Lindsay said...

I love Spencer's cheeks. He is adorable. Mitch! I miss you!

Martin and Leticia said...

Oh my goodness!!! I love him!! I wish I could kiss and squeeze those big cheeks!!! Love you all! And by the way... awesome pictures! Keep them coming!

jet said...

Hahaha! Poor kid - can only go backwards!
He's adorable, even with glasses. :)