Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Today's musings

Thrilled that I get to spend this entire weekend in the waking presence of Jean. Yup, not working. It is going to be wonderful to be awake when Jean is awake and asleep when he is asleep and actually get to spend time together and have conversations. I can hardly wait!!!

Spencer is such a sweet boy. Last night I shut my finger in the car door. Embarrassingly enough, I burst into tears as it hurt so much and suddenly. Spencer (and Jean, too) was quite concerned about my welfare and had such a worried look on his face. At one point during my tears, I cracked a joke which caused Jean and I to both laugh. You would have thought it was Christmas morning. Spencer started jumping up and down, with a huge smile while exclaiming, "You are all better!!! I am so happy!!" He then ran over to hug me as he was so relieved. Well, not quite all better, but it sure helped that he was so excited that he thought I was better.

It is amazing how many things I use my right forefinger for. Some tasks have proven either impossible or at least quite slow with my swollen, bruised finger that I cannot straighten. Typing is not that fun....

And one more thought, I love my Christmas present. I have been disappointed in my pillow lately and the quality of sleep I have felt I have missed out on due to it. We stayed at a hotel in California that had these AWESOME down pillows that I have been dreaming about and added to my Christmas wish list....well, that is my list, can't think of anything else actually. Anyway, costco to the rescue. The other day I saw they were selling down pillows for less than I was preparing to pay for them, so Christmas came early for me and I am in sleeping heaven. I love my new pillow. And when I saw love, I mean love.

'til later.