Friday, September 9, 2011

odds and ends

We have had some fun the past few weeks. Spencer and I went with my good friend from HS and her sons to the Thanksgiving Point dinosaur museum. The boys loved it, but we forgot our cameras which left me to taking pictures with my phone. My phone is not good at capturing two active two year olds, so sadly, these are the best I got.

We also went up the canyon with some other friends and had a great time eating and sailing paper boats down the river.

We have also had some stress. Two words, potty training. Spencer is doing pretty good actually but it was touch and go for me for a couple of days. I didn't think I would keep my sanity. We also got a trip to the ER for Spencer (pics to come). Lucky for us, a perk of working in the ER is getting some free ER care. LOVE IT!! And no worries, Spencer's forehead was glued shut and he is doing great now! (if you enlarge this last picture, you can see the cut above his right eyebrow)


Allyson said...

Potty training . . . definitely NOT my favorite part of parenthood! I feel your pain! Sorry about the ER trip - I hope he's okay!