Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Catching up, mediocre style!

So I know it has been awhile.  Mainly b/c I have done a poor job of taking pictures this last holiday season and also b/c more than half of our holidays/celebrations are jammed into roughly a two month period.  We begin with Thanksgiving.   We celebrated at my Aunt Barbara's house and had a great time, sorry no pics.  Then mid December Jean and I celebrated our 6th anniversary, again no pics!  But we had a good time and I love being married to the guy.  Next we had a lot of family come into town and celebrated Spencer's 4th birthday--which he is super excited about and so far four has been wonderful!  Then Christmas/New Year's and then my birthday.  I love my birthday b/c I have signed up for free birthday meals at several restaurants so it is like a month of celebrating with yummy food that I would otherwise not normally/regularly get!  Enjoy what pics I did take during the past few months!  

She hates these glasses still!  

 You will soon catch on to Spencer's super hero themed life....

 View from the Roof Restaurant.  Oh my, I have never before had such a peaceful dining experience.  Not sure if it was because I was sans kids or because of the pianist they have or both but it was amazing!  
 Sorry pics were taken with our phone, so not the best quality.

Isabella began crawling shortly before turning 8 months.  Side note, Isabella cannot resist an open dishwasher.  And ps, now has two bottom teeth (broke through around nine months old).

 Oh I love her little laugh!  Hope you are having a wonderful New Year.  On a side note, I went from working full time to part time at the beginning of the year and feel like a new woman!!  I love having extra time with Jean and the kiddos and being able to be more social and not a zombie at church!