Friday, May 10, 2013

Birthday Party!!

Okay, since Spencer's birthday is in December, it got neglected last year.  We wanted to throw a party for Isabella's first birthday and decided to make it a bash and include Spencer in the festivities.  We had about 70 people at our house and had a blast!!

Our friend Ale made this awesome cake that was both beautiful and delicious.  As soon as I brought it out every kid flocked to it and couldn't keep their little fingers off of it in awe!  

The jump house was a great hit and perfect for keeping the kiddos entertained!
Spencer got a little sensory overload with so many people at the house, he was a little grumpy at first but warmed up, especially with cake and presents!

Luciana H, Luciana L and Fernanda
The Simpsons, Dibbles and Daniels
The Avalles
Isadora, Leticia and Martin came all the way from Mesa to attend the party (Tera and Katie in the background)
 Eric, Spencer, Joshua, Cameron
 Love my girlie!!
 We love Leticia!

 Shocking, the kid really charmed up here for presents!  haha

 Isabella got super excited about presents too!  She especially loved getting books!  It was so cute to see her start kicking her legs and smiling with excitement!

Grandma Davidson also came to the party from El Paso.  Much thanks for all her help! 
Thanks for the cool shades, Grandma!

We had such an awesome day!  Thanks to everyone who came and for your generosity!  Sorry I didn't get pics of everyone, it got a little crazy.  But we had so much fun with everyone over!


Robin said...

I LOVE all of these pictures!!! Awesome cake and adorable kids!

Anonymous said...

It was a great day! So much fun!