Monday, December 29, 2008

The rest of our hospital stay and then home for Christmas!

Well, as my brother so eloquently said from our previous post, I look like I had been through a war...pretty accurate. I brought make-up and even my flat iron to prep for pics at the hospital, but let's face it, you just don't look your best and that epidural must have spread to my brain because I didn't really care that much.

Spencer has Jean wrapped around his little finger already!! I love to see how excited Jean gets over Spencer and I was right, he is a fabulous Dad!
I had such wonderful support during the whole process. Jean was so good with me and knew exactly what to say to ease my nerves and get me through the scares. My Mom was also there and was a great support too. Between the two of them and my epidural, it is no wonder I was able to crack some jokes! =)
This is Spencer all geared up to go home! We left the hospital Christmas Eve right before the big snow storm, it was great timing! I was glad to go back home, but also a little nervous to leave the skilled nurses behind...But as you can see, Jean is a pro so he will help me get this parenting thing figured out!


jet said...

How do you look so amazing after childbirth?!
I'm going to have to stalk your house again now that Spencer is here. :)

The Wildes said...

I am so excited for you! You'll be a great mom! How was everything? I want to hear the story! I can't wait to do it all again myself!

jenn said...

I remember being nervous to leave the hospital too. Then again when my mom left. But I know you'll do great.