Sunday, November 27, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving, Vegas style!

We drove down to Vegas to celebrate Thanksgiving with my parents and brother, Spencer, last week. We had a great time, especially Spencer (my little guy) who had so many people to play with. He was in heaven!

So we didn't see Blue Man Group, but did go to Mystere by Cirque du Soleil. It was so entertaining and amazing to me what people can do with their bodies!!
Didn't know there was a toy story 3, but Spencer was loving this poster!!
Such a better experience with Santa this year than it was two years ago... ( We just happened upon this Santa at one of the outdoor malls in Vegas. When Santa asked Spencer what he wanted for Christmas, Spencer replied, "A Christmas tree!" Santa acted like he had never gotten that response before, imagine that!! =) Town Square (that outdoor mall south of the strip) has an awesome little playground in the middle for little kiddos. Spencer sure loved it. They even have little bathrooms that have a regular size toilet and a toddler toilet in the same stall. Once Spencer saw the toilet just his size, he stopped arguing that he didn't have to go potty!!
The first time I went through this maze with Spencer I could see other kids approaching but Spencer obviously couldn't see over the hedges, so everytime he turned a corner and a kid was there Spencer would get so startled. It was pretty funny for me to watch. But he quickly gained confidence and not sure where he learned this from (cough, cough) started trying to scare everyone else....maybe I should tone down the scaring wars he and I have at home!!
First time on a merry-go-round...he was happy for about six turns, then totally done with it!

A little house just right for his size!
Can you guess which casino we are in?? If you know me at all, you know it is the Bellagio!!! =) This picture captures his fascination with flashlights...much to his dismay, we had to eventually confiscate it as he was blinding everyone outside by the fountains...,.
So happy to be with Grandma and Grandpa.
He wanted to hang out with Woody all night, but don't worry, I didn't let him.

My brother, Spencer, pretended to start to climb the wall to jump into the Bellagio fountains, but little Spencer grabbed onto my brother's leg and wouldn't let him. Little Spencer then gave big Spencer a little lecture with finger pointing and all about not jumping in the water. It was hilarious to watch, especially since little Spencer was so convinced that he was really saving my brother. This video is from my brother trying it a second time and little Spencer saving the day again but with no lecture this time unfortunately.

And lastly, Spencer kept walking in funny ways whenever we were out and about, so this is one video to show that.

One other funny moment and learning experience I want to remember is regarding Spencer's obsession with money right now. My brother kept giving Spencer little coins to play with and he would keep them safely tucked in his fist (even throughout a whole night of sleeping) and pockets. He kept talking about his money and needing more. While on the strip we passed a lady that was begging for money. Spencer immediately said hi to her and waved, but then saw her cup of money and yelled excitedly, "You have money too!!!" Jean and I just pulled him along, chuckling to ourselves. Gratefully she was not offended and mentioned how cute he was. Funny moment, but also a great reminder to us how innocent Spencer is. Everyone, regardless of cleanliness and state in life, is worthy of being his friend. He is consistently calling everyone, stranger or not, his friends. I need to be better about not being so judgemental...

I had a great Thanksgiving and am grateful for my family!! Hope yours was wonderful too!


Strictly Sewing said...

When do you find out if you're having a boy or girl?

Emily Graham said...

So much fun in Vegas :) We LOVE the Town Square playground.