Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Two babies??

So ever since my belly has been obviously growing with child, Spencer has been convinced that he too has a baby growing in his belly. He will stick out his belly and talk about how the baby is getting bigger. He also even put a blanket in his zip up jammies to look like a baby belly. Well today at the doctor, Spencer became even more convinced. My doctors have always been really good to involve Spencer and let him turn machines on and stuff. Well after listening to Isabella's heart beat, the doctor listened to Spencer's belly too and said, "I hear your cheerios from breakfast" and Spencer's reply was, "no, it's my baby!" So he now even more convinced that we will have two babies. One from me and one from him! =)


Anjuli said...

Bug had two baby birds growing in him when I was pregnant. As I got bigger a baby elephant joined in as well.

The birds have stuck around and now they help him eat his dinner when he is starting to feel full.

Isn't it great how their minds work?

(By the way, I love the name Isabella.)

Strictly Sewing said...

lol, thanks so cute and funny!

Mary said...

I love Spencer's creative little mind. You are going to have to get him a cute baby to bring home from the hospital so he has his own baby to change and feed!

Robin said...

Thank you sooooo much for lunch today! It was so fun to see you and to see Spencer- he is such a cutie in pictures but even more so in real life. I loved catching up with you!