Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Life as I know it

All ready to go home from the hospital.
I need to get more pictures with Isabella, I think this is the only one I have.
Proof to my Dad that she does have ears. And check out that hair.
Love her.
Notice how good Spencer already is about sharing his toys with Isabella.
Our little glow worm.
Okay, so not the best quality of pictures and I look awful, but Spencer really enjoyed taking them and loves to look at them, so here they are for the world to see!

Nap/bed time is turning into a constant fight with Spencer. Bribery seems to be the only way. As long as he doesn't bang and kick his bedroom door, I can keep most of my sanity.

Isabella is jaundice. Bili lights for her. She hates the bili bed. Hates it. But as long as I don't velcro her in, she tolerates it. Her bilirubin got pretty high and it was quite concerning how lethargic and unresponsive she was, but we seem to be on the mend. She is getting more and more alert again, will wake up to eat and our nerves are getting calmer. So grateful that Jean was able to give her a blessing and we avoided having to take her back to the hospital. hopefully only one more day of the bili bed.

Jean has been so good to me. He is amazing. It is cute to see how much he loves being a father. He loves to play with Spencer and adore Isabella. This is quite a year of changes for us (Jean starting a new job, starting his Master's, us moving twice, building a home, Isabella, etc) and I would not want to do it with anyone else.

My house is slightly stressing me out. We are moving in twoish weeks (I already know that I am crazy...) and trying to slowly get things ready everyday so it is not so overwhelming. But that leaves me with a garage that is slowly being overcome with boxes, no pictures on the walls so we can patch holes, and the items that are not essentials slowly disappearing from shelves, closets and cupboards. If you know me, I like things in their proper place and out of sight hidden, so basically I can only enter the garage if necessary and avoid seeing how much stuff we have. Gone are the days when I can fit all my belongings in a vehicle at any given time. Oh well, life is good and I am blessed, I just need to remember that.

Yesterday while I took Isabella to the doctor, my Mom was watching Spencer. He was supposed to be napping (see above) but was playing so my Mom went to check on him. She noticed the room smelled weird, Spencer was undressed and both he and the room looked a little greasy. Upon asking what he was playing with, Spencer said he would show her and climbed under the bed and pulled out a bottle of A&D ointment (ps, the only acceptable/truly effective thing to put on diaper rashes). He found it in his closet and decided to smear it on everything. My mom asked if there was anything else and he then produced an open bottle of supositories that he had been using to "draw" on his chalkboard. Glad my mom is so patient! =) Glad she is here too. She has been so helpful and good to have around.

Breastfeeding takes forever. And hurts. Post pregnancy weight is disappointing. Moving in the right direction, but seriously disappointing. Not cool to still look prego. Also, this darn swelling could go away. Oh well. Speaking of breastfeeding, Isabella is ready to go, so I gotta go.


Julianna said...

congratulations! isabella is a doll. spencer could not be a cuter big brother. what an adorable family. ps--give yourself a break on the post-preg weight you just gave birth! good luck with the move and everything!

Globe Trotters said...

I love all her hair! You are amazing, look amazing, and have the cutest family. Thanks for the update

Kris said...

She is just lovely, and Spencer is so cute. I'm glad Bella is getting better. Ben had moderately high bili levels, but we were able to avoid the bed. We just had to get his poor little heel poked about a million times. Did you know that breastfed babies' bili levels drop more slowly than bottle fed kids? Something about the way bilirubin binds to proteins in breast milk. Just one more thing to love about that wonderful, painful, exhausting process.

Thinking of you!

Allyson said...

I didn't know you guys were moving. Where are you going? (Please say Houston!) Isabella is gorgeous. Good luck with everything! We miss your awesome family!

Martin and Leticia said...

Thanks for posting! =) I was in need of new pictures and updates!! I'm so glad that Isabella is getting better and that Spencer is being a good brother and son!
I know how overwhelming moving can get and that added to a new baby and all that it entails... oh my, I don't even want to imagine how worse it can get. I'm so glad that your mom is there to help you and Jean with this task. Life is really great when you look at the brighter side, and I'm sure tons of blessing are going your way!! I can't wait to meet my adorable niece! And about the swelling and weight... they will go away!! It just needs time to readjust! So, be patient!! =) Love you and miss you!! Take care and keep the posts coming!