Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Things to remember

 Isabella at one week old can almost roll over.  What??  Yep, she is one squirmy child.  She gets on her sides and if her arms didn't get in the way, she would end up on her belly.  She also scoots like no other.  In a few minutes she can go from parallel in her crib to perpendicular.  To think I used to lay Spencer on the bathroom counter to take showers etc...there is no way I can do that with Isabella!  
The other day Spencer goes up to my Mom and asks if she can help him put money in his bank.  She looks and he has a five dollar bill, so she gets curious as to where he got it.  He proudly announced that he got it out of daddy's wallet!  He was much more disappointed when Daddy wasn't thrilled about his find and made him give it back!  =)  Spencer was also recently found to be in possession of Jean's wedding ring.  Watch out for my little klepto!  


Austyn said...

Spencer is one of the funniest kids I know! That is hilarious. Man, we miss you guys! We have to come see you soon. Dustin is gone til May 9th and I don't want to bring my boys with me. Maybe I'll just have to get a sitter for an hour and come see you and Isabella! Thanks for the update!!

SPENCER D said...

next time you're in Vegas I'll have to hide all my valuables... oh wait I don't have any, unless he can manage to get the plasma tv out of the house...